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Interesting Japan!

We will introduce funniest things that do not appear in ordinary guidebooks in this corner.
Have a good time.


Do you know what this red face is? This is a Japanese legendary monster. It is called "Tengu" which appeared many times in old stories. But I do not know why I made it so big.
This is in the temple SHUYOUJI in Shizuoka prefecture.


Do you want to be macho? Ok, come to Lake Yamanaka at the foot of Mount Fuji.


Everyone, do you understand this picture? This is a public facility made by a town in Chiba Prefecture.

biggest toilet

Please look carefully. This is a toilet. This town has made "the world's biggest toilet" by policy. 
They regarded the size including the surrounding greens as the world's best. But after all, the Guinness Foundation refused certification.

unique traffic lights

Japanese technology is unique. There are also rumors that cultivating traffic lights these days.

Usiku daibutu

There is a big Buddha statue in Ibaraki Prefecture.
This Buddha statue is the biggest bronze statue in the world.
Of course Guinness records were accepted.
How big is it?Please compare with people on the shoulder.

BIg daibutu

Squid Phone Booth

This picture was taken in Toyama Prefecture. A squid is on the telephone booth.
Why?・・・・ I do not know.

Funny stone statue 1

It is an old stone statue of the gods of men and women.
It is responsible for simple regional beliefs. Perhaps people desire prosperity of descendants.
Why did I think so? Please look at the back of the stone statue.

Funny stone statue 2

Dried fish

Anyway a lot of fish caught is dried. We are poor and can not be thrown away.

Unusual vending machine

Japanese people love vending machines.
Amazingly this is a hamburger 's vending machine.
Hamburger comes out after 30 seconds after putting in money.

Cheep hamburger

Do you care whether this is delicious? I can not say that.

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