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This is an information site for touring Japan by motorcycle.

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Terms of service

Terms of use of this site.
This agreement applies to all users who use the service provided by RidingJapan.
Information on Riding Japan is provided free of charge, except for some services.
Please use this website to gather information and pay attention to the following themes when browsing the site.
・Whether the information matches the user's request.
・How to save or duplicate information and have the necessary legal rights or how to use it.
・Whether to comply with the law on copyright, confidentiality, defamation, retention and other legal obligations.
Please do all these on your own responsibility as a user.
Regarding the use of this site, Ridingjapan shall not be held liable for any troubles, losses, damages, etc. caused to the user at all.

About external content.
We can not guarantee the contents such as the legality, accuracy, morality, up to date, validity, copyright, etc. of the website, software, application, tool introduced on this site.
In the case of a link or banner from this site, if you move to another site, we will not bear any responsibility for information, service etc provided at the visiting site.

About copyright.
All texts, images, movies, etc. on this site are copyrighted. Reproduction of these contents without permission is forbidden.Duplication of all contents existing on this site is prohibited.Please contact us beforehand when reprinting or citation is necessary.

About access analysis.
We are conducting access analysis of visitors to improve the quality of the site.We collect personal computer environment information such as time visited, host name of customer's access source, OS and browser version, URL of link source, monitor information etc.When accessing from the search site, we analyze what kind of search visited the site.These analysis information will never be disclosed to third parties or transferred.

RidingJapan makes no warranty for the following matters in providing the service on this site.We are paying close attention to the contents, functions, etc. when posting content on this site.However, we do not guarantee the content of the content whether it is accurate, whether it is the latest one, whether it is safe or not, and we do not assume any responsibility.In addition, we can make corrections, corrections, additions, interruption, deletions etc. of information posted on this site at any time without notice.As a result, we are not responsible for any disadvantages or the like caused to the user.Regardless of any reason, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this service. We are not responsible for any damage caused by change of information / function of this service or interruption / cancellation of operation.

About link.
Although this site is basically link free, if you link, please go to the top page.
RidingJapan assumes no responsibility for damage caused by linking to this website.
We will refuse links from websites containing the following contents.
· Contrary to public order and morals.
· Illegal content.
· Adult content.
· Contents slandering or slandering officials of RidingJapan or RidingJapan.

About the legal operation of the contract.
Regarding the establishment, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of these Terms, Japanese laws and regulations apply.Regarding disputes related to these Terms and this Service, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the first examiner's exclusive jurisdictional court.
From this site to everyone on the link.
This site has a lot of links for user's convenience.
Please let us know if there is a problem with the link from us. We will delete at any time.
Conversely, please let us know if you have a site that will enhance the user's convenience. We are constantly seeking useful information.

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