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How about Japanese fast food?

There are lots of delicious food in Japan.
However, most of the foods listed in general tourist information are expensive.
It is difficult for your wallet to continue luxury.
So I will present you with cheap and delicious Japanese fast food on this page.
There are a lot of fast food chain stores in Japan, and they are competing all the time.
By competing, we can enjoy high level meals with service, price, taste.
Fast food stores have menus that use pictures. There is nothing to worry about when you order.

Fastfood menu

What We can not ignore in Japanese food culture is "Don".This is a summary of the dish placed on the bowl.

Gyudon set menu

 These include Gyudon, Tendon, Katudon, Kaisendon.
"Don" is popularly used for fast food because it is unpretentious and popular recipe.
The fast food of Gyudon is the most popular in Japan.
Please think that Gyudon is a simplified Sukiyaki.
That is the picture here. This set is about 500 yen to 600 yen.

breckfast set

This is the breakfast set offered at the Gyudon chain stores. There is no beef, but grilled fish is the main breakfast. This is about 350 yen. It's so cheap that we love it.
Below is a link of the famous Gyudon chain stores. There are always stores near your touring course.

Gyudon store. Menu other than beef bowl is abundant.

Gyudon store. Menu other than beef bowl is abundant.

A set menu other than Gyudon is also popular.

Gyudon and Udon are delicious store. There are also Katudon.

Katudon with misosoup

Please see the picture here. This is "Katsudon".
There is a cooked pork cutlet on the rice with eggs. A set of miso soup together is about 600 yen.
This is a menu of specialty chain stores. There are many other menus such as fried shrimp.

It is a very good fast food, but there is only a Japanese site.

By the way Do you like Tempura?
I heard that tempura of Japanese food is high-class dish outside Japan.

Do not be surprised. Even Tempura has an inexpensive fast food stores.
Please see the link below.

In addition to cheap and delicious Tendon, there are plenty of set meals of Tempura.

Tempura and Tendo are delicious, but there are only Japanese sites.

As with Tempura, sushi is also one of the fine dishes.
That is no exception in Japan. Japanese luxury sushi stores has a lot of damage to the wallet.
Of course such stores offer delicious sushi without exception.
But as we pay a lot of money, it is natural that it will be delicious.
Is there no way to enjoy sushi cheaply?
Yes, there is. In Japan there is sushi fast food.

Sushi store

Please see the link below. There is a sushi shop that is friendly to your wallet.

It is probably the Fast food chain of the most famous sushi in Japan.

Besides sushi, there are abundant creative menus such as ramen.

There is a reputation for taste. My favorite is this store.

We covered only the fast food of the Japanese food so far.
There is no problem if you stay for a short time.
But sometimes, what if you want to eat pizza, pasta, steaks etc?
In such a case please use the following shops.
Gusto and Saizeriya are restaurants, but the price of cooking has been lowered by simplifying some of the services. Very cheap Western style meals are possible.

It is a menu example of Gusto.
This is the menu of gusto. Is your favorite dish here?
Cheap restrante
Saizeriya is popular with reasonable prices.

A little price range goes up, but Denny's is also a nice shop.
People in America know Denny's, do not you? But there are probably more menus than American Denny's.

Japanese Dennys

These shops are called family restaurants in Japan.
The good things about these family restaurants are the provision of knives and forks as standards. Ideal for people who dislike using chopsticks.
Of course, even at other fast food stores, you can use knives and forks if you ask clerks.
The link of the family restaurant is written below. Sorry, they are almost Japanese sites.

Cheap and delicious meals are popular.

A rich menu with a low cost is wonderful.

The price range goes up a little, but the menu is wonderful.

It is a restaurant that develops a lot in western Japan. The set menu is profitable.

KakiFly set menu

This is a Japanese style meal set called "Teisyoku". It is a value menu provided in a small Japanese style restaurant with private management. The main dish can be chosen from fish, meat, fried foods and so on. Moreover, the balance of nutrition is good and it is inexpensive. For fast food shops, they are offered at the above-mentioned Gyudon store and below Yayoiken.

There are lots of fast food chains besides the above.
Please find your favorite from the link below.

It is Udon's Fastfood chain. It is regrettable but it is a Japanese site.

It is Udon's Fastfood chain. It is regrettable but it is a Japanese site.

It is a chain of Japanese home cooking. The set meal is delicious.

It is a Japanese style curry store. It is quite different from Indian curry.

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