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This is an information site for touring Japan by motorcycle.

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About us

Hello everyone.
We are RidingJapan editorial departmentWe have made many motorcycle magazines so far.
Recently I heard that there are an increasing number of foreign riders trying to run Japan on a motorbike and decided to create a site that provides information on touring in Japan.
Japan is a small island country and the land is not large. However, the east-west and north-south areas are vast.
Therefore, there are abundant nature that varies from region to region and interesting culture of people. There are also four distinctly different seasons due to the marine climate.
Of course, Japan thinks that you know that high-tech industries are prosperous besides such an environment.
Yes, everyone knows Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki motorcycle was born in Japan.
We actually touring around Japan and have a lot of motorcycle touring information. I hope to provide enjoyable content to you all with these.
Please bookmark or link this site by all means.
Since we are not English speakers, sometimes there are awkward sentences.
Please read with a generous heart.

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Riding Japan


Provide information on domestic travel in Japan.
Kanda editorial office
Iiyama city, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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Hidetoshi Kanda
Motorcycle Magazin MOTO Touring Chief Editor.
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Norihiro Iwase
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This road is the "Venus Line" in Nagano Prefecture.
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