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This is an information site for touring Japan by motorcycle.

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Enjoy Japan!

There are many things you should see in Japan.
 Because it becomes enormous amount just by writing it, I summarize it.
There are four distinct seasons in Japan.
70% of the land area of Japan is forest.
Japan is famous as an industrialized country, but its natural environment is also rich.
Cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in autumn, nature is brilliant.
There are many World Heritage in Japan, including Mt. Fuji in this photo.
These World Heritage sites have unique wonder of Japan.
Since it is linked below, please take a look.
Buddhist monument of Horyuji (Nara prefecture)
Himeji Castle (Hyogo)
Historic heritage of ancient Kyoto (Kyoto Prefecture · Shiga prefecture)
Shirakawagou, traditional settlement of Gokayama (Gifu Prefecture · Toyama prefecture)
Atomic-Bomb Dome (Hiroshima prefecture)
Itsukushima shrine (Hiroshima prefecture)
Shrine of Nikko (Tochigi prefecture)
Okinawa Prefecture of the Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa Prefecture)
Holy spirit and pilgrimage road of Kii Mountains (Wakayama prefecture, Nara prefecture, Mie prefecture)
Iwami Ginzan ruins (Shimane prefecture)
Hiraizumi's architecture and gardens, ancient ruins (Iwate Prefecture)
Fuji (Shizuoka / Yamanashi Prefecture)
Yakushima (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Shirakami Mountains (Aomori Prefecture, Akita Prefecture)
Shiretoko (Hokkaido prefecture)
Ogasawara Islands (Tokyo)

Cherry blossoms
Spring is a beautiful season of cherry blossoms.
autumn leaves
Please enjoy autumn leaves.
Mt.Fuji is always majestic.
Historical temples are also very interesting.
A spiritual place, Osorezan.

Do ride! Do drive!
There are various kinds of roads in Japan.
They include city roads, prefectural roads, national highways, and toll highways.
Both of them have good pavement and it is not difficult to run.
But sometimes it gets thinner and the forecast is bad, so please be careful.
Japan has many mountains, there are many tunnels and bends in the road.
Certain traffic may be caused depending on the date and time.
Please keep driving with relaxation.
Pleasant road passing through the forest, road feeling sea breeze, historic old road.
Both are waiting for you.
You are a traveler and you have limits on the schedule.
Use the map well, let's travel and think about the schedule.
A highway network is developed in Japan.
This is a toll road, but using it will improve traveling efficiency.
Please check here such as road information and price information.
Nexco East
Nexco West
Nexco Central
Metropolitan Expressway
Hanshin Expressway
Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway
And we will provide you with important information. There is a campaign to get for foreigners traveling in Japan.
Please check this link for a plan that makes the highway use fee cheaper.
[International visitors to Japan only] Japan Expressway Pass
Please refer to these reports for which region of Japan you should go.
Touring reports

Road of japan
It is "ShigaKusatsu road" which draws a unique curve.
Japanese riders
Riding exhilaratingly is "Izu Skyline".
Loop bridge
It is "Amagi Loop Bridge" which resolved the height difference of the road.
The Kita Alps visible from Hakuba village.

Eat it!
The important fun of traveling is meal.
There are various kinds of food in Japan.
It is rich in variety depending on season and region.
The amazing food service industry is developing and it is very useful for travelers.
Speaking of famous Japanese food you know is sushi, tempura, Sukiyaki.
But, it is only a part of Japanese food.
Speaking of inexpensive meals for the masses, there are Gyudon, Ramen, Udon, Soba and so on.
The chain store of beef bowl is able to eat inexpensively.
Famous are shops called Yoshinoya and Sukiya.
And you can also eat sushi inexpensively.
Please use the rotation sushi restaurant. It is a chain store called Hamazush, Kurazushi and Sushiro.
Seafood set meal, sashimi etc in seaside town. Or rural local cuisine in mountain village.
Besides fish, meat dishes are also popular. For example, soft and juicy Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef. Yakitori is also popular in cheap meat dishes. Not only meals but also sweet desserts are unique. There are also various things depending on the region.
We wrote information on Japanese food situation on another page. Please also see these.
B Class gourmet / Japanese fast food
Please enjoy the Japanese food you can not taste in other countries.

toraditional japanese food
Mimi teisyoku (Yamanasi Pref)
Fish meal
Sashimi teisyoku
Japanese dessert
Oyaki (Nagano Pref)
Beef bowl restrante
Sukiya(Beef Boul)
SUshi restrante

Do experiences.
Please do experience only possible in Japan.
How about staying in a traditional Japanese village?
You can understand what people have been living in.
Interaction with an innocent person is very wonderful.
It is a hot spring that you should not forget.
In Japanese it is called "ONSEN".
Japan is a country with many volcanoes and its disasters.
However, thanks to the volcano, many hot springs are sprinkling.
Japanese people like the world's best baths, but that is because there are plenty of hot springs.
Please enjoy your hot springs by all means.
There are fun not listed in sightseeing guide too much.
This is recommended for you who likes Japanese made motorcycles.
There are old motorcycles and car free markets.
Perhaps rare parts may be available.
Morning market is lively and enjoyable event from long ago in Japan.
Also, it is fun to have a direct sales place near the harbor and in the agricultural area.
Rare ones are available cheaply.
As you all know, there are various kinds of motorcycle races in Japan.
They are road racing, endurance race, motocross and so on.
However, there are races which most foreigners do not know.
It is a race of gambling called “Auto race”.
Normally gambling is illegal in Japan, but this is held under the permission of the government.
You can also participate as a betting customer on a race running on an oval course with a regular motorcycle.

Shopping for motorcycle enthusiasts.
There are many motorcycle supplies in Japan as well as motorcycles.
It is a good idea to buy things that are sold only in Japan, such rare items.
Clothes, helmets, gloves, boots, and special parts.
Please be careful not to leave your wallet empty.
It is a pity that there is no English version site, but please see the banner's link destination.
These are major goods stores with plenty of branches in and around Japan.
There are cases where not only sales of supplies but services such as maintenance and rental are offered.
Please visit during your journey.



Do you like museums?
These are museums unique to Japan.
It is possible to know how the four Motorcycle manufacturing companies in Japan have developed.
Rare motorcycles made at the company's founding stage and motorcycles who were active in the world race are displayed in front of you.
There are not only motorcycles but also automobiles and industrial machinery.
Is your motorcycle Honda? Yamaha? Suzuki? Kawasaki?
Whichever it is, it does not matter. Please know about Japanese motorcycle manufacturing company.
In addition to them, there are many automobile manufacturers.
They are
Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and Subaru.
You surely will like Japanese cars.

This photo is Asama Memorial Hall.

Let's stay.
There are various accommodation facilities in Japan.
There are also ordinary hotels and resort hotels. Traditional Ryokan and MInsyuku are also exotic experiences.Guest houses and camps are also cheap and attractive accommodation methods.
The accommodation facilities I would like to recommend in particular are Ryokan and Minsyuku.
They entertain guests in traditional Japanese way.
Ryokan respects the formality and services it. Minshuku is a family warm service.
In most cases, the dishes are wonderful and will satisfy your appetite.
There are also a lot of opportunities to enjoy a hot spring resort.
For young people guest houses and camps are also recommended.
There are campgrounds all around Japan, and recently the number of guest houses has increased.
Please experience various accommodations with your plan.

Minsyuku or Ryokan
Guest house
Guest house

For general tourist information, please visit this link.
Tourist infomation
weather forecast
  Road of Japan
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Please visit a wonderful motorcycle manufacturer in Japan.
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