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Hashikami Town
Spectacular Views and Delicious Foods Just a Short Drive Away


Running north to south along Japan’s eastern coast, National Route 45 travels through the heart of Hashikami Town in southeastern Aomori Prefecture. Route 45 links Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, with Aomori City, the Aomori prefectural capital. The beautiful scenery and rich culture along its 516.9km make road trip planning easy. Hashikami Town is no exception, with both ocean and mountain views easily accessible from Route 45. Along the way to those views, you will find a variety of restaurants and shops selling local foods, goods and souvenirs. And if you happen to be traveling during the summer or late fall, you might even catch one of Hashikami’s big seasonal festivals. If you have a day, Hashikami has much to offer!

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Go to here if you are going touring Kyushu!
Yufuin Hita Round Trip / Oita Prefectural Route 11

Yamanami Highway

The representative of the touring in Kyushu is "Yamanami Highway". It is popular with riders on a sightseeing road of 50 kilometers in length. There are many people who come to Kyushu aiming at this place.However, the same excellent way as "Yamanami Highway" is "Yufuin Hita Round Trip". This is a road connecting Beppu City and Yufuin-cho, which is famous for hot spring resorts.
The total length is 15 km long and not long. However, there are many tourists by connecting the famous hot spring resort. Therefore, some people avoid this place. But it is a really disappointing choice.

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Odawara is a place blessed with nature including the sea, mountains, and rivers !

Odawara Castle

Located in western Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara is about 35 minutes by Shinkansen from nearby Tokyo, and serves as role as the gateway to Mount Fuji, Hakone, and Izu,
Based on its rich natural environment and temperate climate, it prospered as a castle town where various forms of traditional culture thrived from the days of old, as evidenced by its many historical sites and local products.
Visit Odawara to get to know the city, its people, and its artisanship through its history, culture, noted local specialties, nature, and hands-on experiences.

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Why don’t you tour the component sites of the world heritage, Mt. Fuji?

Mt. Fuji and Cherry Blossom.

Mt. Fuji is a symbolic mountain of Japan. It was registered as a world cultural heritage site “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration” in 2013. At the same time, 25 properties such as shrines, mountain trail and wind cave, which have a long history with Mt. Fuji, were also designated as components sites of Mt. Fuji.

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It is a memorable highland highway of your life.
Shikoku Karst Park Line.

Shikoku Karst Park Line

The Shikoku region of Japan is one of the best mountain countries. The view is characterized by an endlessly mountainous landscape. However, the only exception is this Shikoku Karst.
Under the wide open view there is a field of limestone stone towers. I can not think that this is the summit of the Great Mountain Range, the grassland spreads all over the mountain.
The altitude here is about 1400 meters. One trail crossing a cool paradise even in summer is this Shikoku Karst Park Line.

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A cave town with beautiful landscapes / Iwaizumi Iwate

Summer time, Ureira Mountain

Iwaizumi town is well known for its clear spring and caves across the town, including Ryusendo cave and Akka cave. 93% of the land is covered by forests and mountains, the white birches` forest and Hayasaka highland offers beautiful landscapes.
Iwaizumi town, total area of 992.9km², making it the largest town in mainland Japan, is in the Kitakami Mountains of northeast Iwate prefecture, east of the prefectural capital of Morioka. It has a small coastline on the Pacific Ocean to the east, known as Sanriku rias.
It is characterized with mild summers and cold winters.

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Kure City Hiroshima Prefecture, which prospered as the city of the Imperial Navy of the Japanese Navy
Shipbuilding and the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) City / Kure City, Hiroshima

Kure Maritime Museum

Kure City is located in the southwest part of Hiroshima Prefecture on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea.
From Hiroshima city you can visit in about 45 minutes by car, and from the coastal touring course you can enjoy a great view of the sea and the islands.
The population is approximately 230,000 peoples, the city area is the city of shipbuilding, steel and maritime SDF JMSDF.
Citrus cultivation and oyster cultivation are popular in the island club, and the production volume of oysters is Japan's highest.

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The scenery of Ukiyoe is still remained.
Accommodation and Ukiyoe / Yui Shizuoka prefecture

Mt. Fuji with Motorcycle

Do you know Ukiyoe? Ukiyoe is a classic painting popular in Japan about 300 years ago. The unique style of Ukiyoe has influenced European painters such as Van Gogh.
We went to a place where the scenery drawn on the old Ukiyo-e remains.
Fuji which everyone knows is used as a subject of various Ukiyo-e prints. We went to Shizuoka Prefecture where Mt. Fuji is located. There is a way along the shore of Shizuoka prefecture. It is "Tokaido" of the trunk connecting Tokyo and Osaka. This is the most important road in Japan that has not changed either now or in the past.

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This city is built on the plateau between the north and south, and the slope is distinctive. "Kimono matches" It is a castle town./Kitsuki, Oita

Suya's slope/Kitsuki Oita

Kitsuki city is located in the northeastern part of Oita prefecture, the southern part of the Kunishin peninsula. It receives the benefits of the temperate climate peculiar to the Seto Inland Sea, few rainy days, and snowfall is only one or two times a year.
Iyo-nada in the east, Beppu bay in the south and the southeastern part has a beautiful coast with a view. In the north there are mountains continuing from Futagosan, in the west the Kanagoe mountains and the northwestern part form a natural mountainous area surrounded by gentle mountains.

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